DIY Kits
Please contact us to discuss your DIY requirements.

In principal, every spiral staircase is available in KIT form. Prices on request.

We have the standard spiral with the universal landing (carried out in SA Pine), in the D.I.Y. kit.
The universal landing is suitable for a square opening, for placing against a deck and available in 1300, 1400, 1500 and 1600 mm.

All spirals are supplied with a balustrading to the stairs and a centralised collumn ( 85 x 85 mm), on the landing to receive a balustrading.

Treads are of 44 mm thick solid timber.
Risers are 220 mm and consists of three per quarter.
Wooden central post is 140 mm in diameter.
Handrail is 44 x 69 mm, chamfered, finishing: sanded.
Newels are 65 x 65 mm.

Differences in height can be accommodated by dropping the landing below top floor level or shortening the cylinder of the first step.
The stairwell sizes are always 100 mm bigger than the required staircase diameter.
Please contact us if there are queries and deviations of the standard kit.