About Staircases

Stairs vary considerably in design from the simple straight flight to the more elaborate stairs.

A staircase is a series of steps arranged on an incline with or without landings, including the necessary handrails, balusters and balustrading, and giving access from floor to floor.

Wooden staircases are generally internally used in domestic buildings. Virtually all the staircases are custom made and give character and warmth to the interior.
The designs and the material used are determined by the budget and taste, whether you want to have a designer staircase or a staircase which serves the purpose all within the general accepted set of rules of the course. Also the choice of wood depends, again, on the use and the budget. Will the staircase receive heavy traffic ? Then it is obvious to take hardwoods eg. Maple, Beech, Oak, Iroko, Paumarafim, etc. For the budget staircase, we usually take S.A. Pine or Clear Pine (well dried and assorted), which usually works well provided that it be kept maintained. The difference between the cheaper and the more expensive stairs lies rather in the finish and attention to detail than in the construction.
When designing a house, it is important to design the staircase with it. It is very commonly admitted that many forget to design the staircase, resulting in a very narrow, steep, or ill-constructed staircase. It is obvious that sufficient space must be allocated for a staircase to your choice in order to get a comfortable staircase. Every staircase can be designed with any type of finishing detail, turned balusters and newels, open or close riser, etc.