Welcome to Cape Stairs Manufacturing

Our company has been manufacturing staircases since 1987 in South-Africa and has maintained a high (Dutch) standard. As professional tradesmen in staircase-making, handwork is fundamental and we manufacture all kinds of staircases, eg. straight, half, quarter, geometrical, half space and quarter space landings, curved, spirals, etc.

Every staircase is custom made to the requirements of the client. Balustrading to concrete and cast iron staircases is also part of our production. Installation of staircases and balustrading is carried out by our own skilled tradesmen.
We are in for challenges as well we do not reject work because it is too difficult, to far away or abroad.

Being in staircase manufacturing for so long lets one wonder (not me!) how to keep yourself motivated and interested in the work you do?
IT MUST BE IN THE BLOOD and it is that simple.

As a small boy I went with my father to the lands to fell Oak trees which he needed for manufacturing of frame rails. My uncle would cut the trees in his sawmill. From both sides of the family I have been fed with wood.

Later still at a lovely young age I worked with my father in the school holidays and weekends and learned the tricks of the trade and how to work. My studies where all building related and finished as a building engineer in 1975 at the H.T.S. in Zwolle, Holland. (The Netherlands)

We can also accommodate the do-it-yourself-er by delivering any type of staircase in kit form, including an assembly instruction manual.
We have developed a D.I.Y kit for spiral staircases which we deliver nation-wide aswell as globally, packed in KIT_BOXES ready to be assembled.